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August 18th, 2015 by Lorraine

Magnaloy Flexible Drive Couplings now available at www.at-mi.net.  Automation Techniques, Inc.  stocks Magnaloy Couplings in Models 100 through 800.

Design features of Magnaloy Couplings

Load-Lock Design is simple and effective.  The drive lug configuration is tapered from top to base, as are the mating lugs of the opposing coupling hub.  Under load, the insert conforms to the tapers, inter-locking the two hubs.  This load-lock design protects bearings and equipment by eliminating end thrust in both directions and it requires only one set-screw in each hub.

Radial Lug Design is logical and efficient.  The most common failure of and elastomeric insert type drive coupling is hysteresis failure of the elastomeric element – breakdown of the elastomer due to cyclical overworking and the associated heat generation.  Magnaloy Coupling’s drive lugs are in a true radial orientation.  Applied forces are evenly distributed in the compressive direction only, eleminationg the heat generating radial component.  True compressive loading reduces internal heat generation and improves elastomer life.

Magnaloy is the original lightweight, heavy duty flexible drive coupling.  Light weight magnesium construction makes Magnaloy couplings 76% lighter than cast iron and 36% lighter than aluminum units and they are stronger than either.

The benefits of using Magnaloy are many.  Reduced loads on bearings, shaft and pumps, for longer components life.  Easier handling and installation.  Rust proof and corrosion resistant.

Magnaloy’s close machining tolerances (TIR of .002″) assures vibration-free operation and easy, accurate alignment without need for special tools.  Solid magnesium alloy permanent mold castings are heat treated and offer the highest strength-to-weight ratio available.